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What Do We Mean By Testing Smart?

If you are reading this, you must know how important testing is in the process of launching a new software product or a new service that becomes relevant and profitable. This is why you are looking for a way to make the testing process practical and effective, that is to say, to make testing smart. 

The importance of testing smart comes from using the time and resources available accurately to meet all the requirements and standards of the product before launching.

First of all, in order to perform a smart test, it is essential to get an idea of what testing is about. It is known that there are a great variety of approaches out there to carry out this process correctly, but let’s focus first on which one suits our needs. There are many ways in which you can run a test but the outlook should be on what kind of tasks you are going to carry out: can they be solved automatically? Do they need a more comprehensive type of work with developers?

Secondly, based on the previous assessment, further analysis needs to be done on what is the purpose of the product. When there is a clear understanding of the function and the service that the product is meant to serve, it is easier to direct the working energy to the main vulnerabilities of the product regarding performance, compatibility or security. This will clear the path to use time and resources effectively as they will not be wasted on types of testing that do not add noteworthy improvements to the user’s experience.

FINALLY, THE BEST WAY TO take advantage of these analyses is by including testers that are not part of the team of the project. This alternative provides impartiality in the detection of bugs, errors and weak spots of the implementations, quality, or usability of a software program, which allows a more effective point of view: the one of a “user” with experience and knowledge of the matter. To take advantage of a service that provides a specific qualified team suitable for the project is thinking smart about the resources available while saving time. In TestSmart, the years of experience in testing planning plus our highly qualified testers skills deliver a comprehensive service that elevates the standard of your product. 

Testing smart is about thinking about more than meets the eye, planning differently and accordingly, testing specifically to the product’s goal, providing new ideas and innovative points of view to the process. All of this is considered and ready in TestSmart because we think about smart testing.



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